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4africa is a faith-based ministry that focuses on three core tenets: clean water, healthful living, and leadership development; ultimately connecting people to Christ and exalting His name. They witness renewal in individuals, families, communities and countries where they perform their work.

Why 4africa?

4africa’s calling to work in remote areas in northern Uganda and South Sudan is Christ-led. The needs in these communities continue; lack of clean water, health and sanitation, leadership and education for the school-aged youth. These needs spur 4africa’s all African staff to empower local communities to enact change each day.

They are committed to long term transformation in Africa; engaging in multi-year partnership commitments with various communities and life-long mentorships with youth that enter their Leadership Academy in South Sudan. They are equipping African community members, church leaders, and youth to solve the daily challenges they face; providing them the resources, knowledge, and faith to establish sustainable solutions for generations to come.

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